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The incorrect high dps bug has now been fixed in version 2.1.4. This bug caused the player who recorded the log to be associated with many attacks performed by other players.


I am aware of the super high dps bug. I am working on a fix.


An issue was brought to my attentions, where some valid logs were unable to be parsed. This problem has now been fixed.


Padl completed necessary unscheduled database maintenance today. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Padl has analysed over 50,000 logs so far. My modest server cannot continue to store all these logs with more incoming every day. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice some logs in order for this site to continue to function. So today I removed logs older than 2 months. I'm looking into better storage solutions, so that in the future, I may be able to host logs for greater amounts of time. I will do my best to continue this service for those that find use in it.


version 2.1.2 is small hotfix update. Conditions applied to a boss that was invulnerable, were incorrectly reporting millions of dps.
I am still supporting padl, however development has undoubtedly slowed. At this time I am focusing on fixing bugs and maintaining the service. If I decide to dedicate more time to this project, I will continue my progress on new features.


Version 2.1.1 is released!
Squad subgroup and player role information is now available. Tables can also be sorted in ascending or descending fashion by clicking on the relevant headings (Shift-clicking more headings lets you sub sort more columns). Mouse-over tooltips have also been added to icons.


Padl can now parse zipped logs. If you want shorter uploads, enable 'Compress EVTC with PS' in the Arcdps options. Less time waiting, more time raiding!


I'm looking into issues with buff averages. It mostly seems that might can be an unreliable statistic. Currently I'm unsure if this is on Padl's end.
This issue has been resolved in the Arcdps version Feb.28.2017


Version 2.1.0 is released!

Buff uptime table is now available (example). The table values represent your average number of stacks. For example, if you had 10 stacks of might for half a fight and 20 stacks for the other half, Padl would report 15 stacks in the Overall tab.

Please update your Arcdps to versions Feb.28.2017 or higher. Previous versions do not give accurate buff duration information. In a week, Padl will not support these these versions.


Arcdps has been updated for the previous balance patch and newer versions should now be consistent with the combat changes.


Damage will be temporarily inaccurate while Arc is updated for the new balance patch.


Welcome to the launch of Padl 2.0 and the new website! Due to Arcdps updates, logs from versions older than the 14th February are no longer compatible. Previously uploaded logs have been removed due to the new requirements by ArenaNet for permitted combat log tracking.

Stay tuned for more updates including more detailed Bastion of the Penitent logs (this week), boon uptime tables (this week), boss specific mechanic tracking and other improvements!


Padl was created to analyse the performance of a team of people in the video game, Guild Wars 2. The main goal being to provide constructive feedback for the users, in order for them to improve.


Padl provides graphical and tabular statistics. You can view an example here.



  • Fixed a bug causing higher dps for the PoV player.


  • Updated to support Arcdps EVTC new buff removal indentifiers.


  • Fixed conditions reporting millions of dps when bosses were invulnerable.


  • squad and role infomation.
  • Table column sorting.


  • Buff tracking.


  • Added down markers to the graph.


  • Zero downs will now be blank instead of flooding the table with zeros


  • Deimos tracking is now fairly accurate, however, Padl cannot detect Deimos' death yet.


  • Hotfix for Deimos log errors. If you are teleported away from the boss you may lose tracking of the boss, a fix for this will be investigated.


  • Padl 2.0.0 released!
  • Preliminary support for Bastion of the Penitent (currently only Samarog has phases implemented).
  • Reports are now in HTML instead of text for improved layout and readability.
  • Graph view is now available.
  • An error page will now appear if you attempt to parse an invalid log. This can be caused by an old version of Arcdps, unsupported boss logs, an error within the log itself or sometimes an error within the parser.

Possible Features

  • Rolling average graphs.
  • Mechanic tracking (who is doing specific roles and who is failing certain mechanics).
  • Improved graph functionality (turn on/off specific deaths, downs, and mechanics).
  • Health based phases for bosses currently with a single phase.

Known Issues

  • Elementalist mistform during down state causes an extra down to be recorded.
  • Deimos logs show fail even if the boss is killed.

Arcdps Limitations

  • Logs will be inaccurate if players disconnect during a fight.
  • Healing cannot be accurately tracked (AoE heals cannot be tracked at all).
  • Range limitation - Bosses that send players large distances apart will show different results if different players parse the same attempt.
  • Some parts of the DPS calculation are estimated/simulated.
  • Pre-fight events are not logged, e.g. Xera shards and Deimos chains.

Get Started

Padl analyses logs generated by Arcdps, a 3rd party modification for Guild Wars 2.

Warning: modifying Guild Wars 2 through any 3rd party tools is not supported by ArenaNet or NCsoft. There is no help or warranty. This is entirely at your own risk and you assume all responsibility for using this tool. (ArenaNet's latest response on the matter.)

Install Deltaconnected's Arcdps.

Make sure 'Save EVTC Logs On Encounters' is set to 'Y'. This setting can be found in the Options panel (Alt + Shift + T) under the 'Basic' menu.

Go fight a boss! After an attempt a log file is generated at the following location.


Use the table below to identity which folder has your new log. Upload the file and get your statistics.


Raid Boss ID
Vale Guardian 15438
Gorseval 15429
Sabetha 15375
Slothasor 16123
Berg* 16088
Zane* 16137
Narella* 16125
Matthias 16115
Siege the Stronghold* N/A
Keep Construct 16235
Xera 16246
Cairn the Indomitable 17194
Mursaat Overseer 17172
Samarog 17188
Deimos 17154

* Not Supported


  • Padl can parse zipped logs. If you want shorter uploads, enable 'Compress EVTC with PS' in the Arcdps options.
  • Tables can be sorted in ascending or descending fashion by clicking on the relevant headings (Shift-clicking more headings lets you sub sort more columns).

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